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The World Well-Being Project (WWBP) is a research lab at the University of Pennsylvania's Positive Psychology Center directed by Dr. Martin Seligman and co-founded by Dr. Johannes Eichstaedt that is pioneering advanced scientific techniques for measuring psychological well-being and physical health based on analyses of social media content. Given how this new form of measurement has yielded significant findings on a widespread scale (such as successfully predicting personal traits like heart disease and income simply from analyzing the language people post in geo-tagged, public or shared Tweets or Facebook posts), it has replaced costly survey methods to help individuals, organizations, and governments uncover insights to make more valuable well-being decisions. Christie Versagli has served as the Director of Web Development for the WWBP since 2014, and she leads the design and promotion of websites and apps that support this research, such as the team's website pictured above.

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